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Thursday, May 19

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welcome to the world of  Sigmatropic

 updated: 28/09/2010






O Akis Boyatzis


for a single night at  Beton7

Found sounds, noise, atmospheres and obscure operatic passages will be mixed with favorite tracks, starting from the 80s until today, in a unique personal alchemy of trippy melodies, gut-punching bass and crunchy beats. The co-existence of old fashioned with the modern, the analog with the digital and the ordered with the random will underline the warmth and familiarity of tunes that some of us loved and others wished that they had loved.

Beton7 (Pydnas 7, Votanikos,

[Thursday 30.09.2010 | 21:30] 

free admission




Akis Boyatzis appears in LÜÜP's first album

Cover - "Distress Signal Code", the first album from LÜÜP

Akis Boyatzis of Sigmatropic appears with Van Der Graaf Generator's legendary sax player David Jackson and singer/songwriter Lisa Isaksson on "Distress Signal Code" (Musea Records), the first album from LÜÜP, the personal music project of flute player Stelios Romaliadis.


Goodbye Anna!

Goodbye Panos!

photos by Rodanthi Tseliou (Anti-Racist festival, Athens 08)/Catherine Allan (Manifest, Patra 2008)

It was the last concert with Sigmatropic's current lineup at Guru Bar, as lead singer Anna Karakalou and guitar player Panos Skourtis decided to fly together to Los Angeles. The band deeply wishes them good luck in their new musical search in the land of opportunity!

Many thanks to our audience that greatly supported this phase of the band, that eventually came to its end.

This column will keep you posted on the future moves of the band.


Trapped Inside: filmed dance drama with music by Sigmatropic

The short film "Trapped Inside" by the film director Dim. Alhatzidis and choreographer Evi Markati was shown in the city of Ioannina September 28. It is a dance drama fiction movie based on the Sigmatropic songs: Ours at Least, Haiku 11, Crack in the Back, This Human Body Water Warm. Twelve dancers and actors through duets, solo and group scenes reconstruct a trap that the heroine is setting up for her self drawing material from her memory or imagination.

See Press Release (in greek).


Sigmatropic live at Bar Guru Bar

click here to see poster

Thursday 16 October, Sigmatropic will step up for the first time on Bar Guru Bars stage (Jazz Upstairs) to showcase their highly acclaimed CD Dark Outside and also their previous albums Random Walk and Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories. Electronic beats and textures go face to face with electricity.


Read Press Release



Sigmatropic: Upcoming Live Dates


Summer Live Dates for Sigmatropic:

Friday June 20: Preveza; European Day of Music

Thursday June 26: Athens;  Klafthmonos Sq. - Medecins du Monde - Anti Drug Campaign

Friday June 27: Athens;  Alsos Nea Smyrni - Praxis Festival

Friday July 4: Athens;  Alsos Stratou -  Antiracist Festival



URGENT: Concert cancelled due to venue problem!

We have been notified from the people in charge of Art House that a major technical problem prohibits any musical event in venue within April.

Sigmatropic deeply apologize for this and will keep everybody posted for the new live date(s) in the next months. 




Sigmatropic and Dr Atomik live concert, Saturday April 16, Art House (Konstantinoupoleos 46, Gazi)


Art House/area map - click for hi-res image

Sigmatropic and Dr Atomik join forces in a double bill concert, Saturday April 16 in Art House (Konstantinoupoleos 46, Gazi, Metro Station "Keramikos"), which will be the last big musical event of the winter season.

The audience must be prepared for surprises, as members of the two bands have previously collaborated on stage and in their cd recordings.


Admission: 12 Euros; doors open 9:30 pm


Massive Sigmatropic interview in Pennyblackmusic

Pennyblackmusic, one of UK's  better known musical webzines hosts a massive interview with Sigmatropic's Akis Boyatzis, on their previous and recent releases, their musical influences, their attitude on politics and many more. 

Read the whole interview here.



Excellent ROCK ' N ' REEL magazine review for "Dark Outside"

"...they create an intriguing mélange, a combination of Portishead, The Walkabouts and Lee Hazlewood. Vistas of heat and light suggest a European art movie ambience..."

Read the whole review here. 


*** from Uncut

Uncut's Rob Hughes under the title "Elegant moodscaping from Greek composer", finally gives  'Dark Outside" three stars.

Read the whole review here. 


Fantastic review in Pennyblackmusic


Penned by John Clarkson, top UK netzine Pennyblackmusic  delivers a sharp-targeted review for Sigmatropic's 'Dark Outside'.

"Contrary to its name, but as befits an album with song titles such as 'White', 'Red Across the Sand' and 'The Blue Side of the Sun', 'Dark Outside' is a gorgeous, kaleidoscopic riot of sound."

Read the whole review here.   


Great review in The Sun for 'Dark Outside'

click here for the full page reviews

The Sun is UK's largest-selling newspaper. In Friday's Sept. 21  music section, the review of "Dark Outside" got 4.5 points out of five (the highest this week along with Devendra Banhart and Okkervil River).

"QUITE possibly the coolest sounds to come out of Greece are these luminous studies in electronica, folk and rock. Sigmatropic is essentially a vehicle for the gifted Akis Boyatzis, who creates serene cinematic soundscapes to frame fascinating vocal performances..."

 Read the whole review here.


UK's  Clash Magazine reviews 'Dark Outside'

One of UK's newest and most respectful music mags reviews "Dark Outside" in their web site version. Read the whole Clash Magazine review here.


Release dates for Sigmatropic's new album Dark Outside announced

click here for hi-res CD cover

Tongue Master Records announced September 3 as the release date in the UK for Dark Outside, Sigmatropic's new album.

The album's release date in Greece has also been announced by Hitch- Hyke Records to be September 17.



BBC 6 music hosted a track out of Sigmatropic's forthcoming album

Gideon Coe from BBC 6 music played A Song In My Wallet, taken out from Sigmatropic's forthcoming album Dark Outside (featuring the voices of Robert Fisher and Carla Torgerson) in Tuesdays (21 August 07) show.

It will be posted for a few more days, so listen to it. [Go to listen again to this show and click on Tuesday].

For the track listing click here.



Sigmatropic and

ELECTRA/ random tragedy

Triumph for the theatrical play "Electra/Random Tragedy" by Alexandra Papageorgiou, presented Thursday July 12 at Delphi from Adult Theater Company! Akis Boyatzis of Sigmatropic signed the original music.

The international audience that packed the tree-filled open space close to the European Cultural Centre of Delphi raved and cheered for ten minutes after the ending of the show. This was also clear the following day, during the discussion in a full auditorium, where questions regarding technical and cultural details of the play found their answers.


Ours At Least: new cd-single by Sigmatropic

Ours At Least, is Sigmatropic's title track in their upcoming cd-single. In record stores from this June.

Sigmatropic live at The Small Music Theatre

After a long absence Sigmatropic  performed live at The Small Music Theatre in Athens, Friday, April 20. They presented most of their material which will appear in their forthcoming album, together with some of their older numbers from the days of "Random Walk".

Absence Without Leave, Greece's leading post-rock duo opened the night.


Sigmatropic perform at the European day of Music

For three days, June 21, 22 and 23 music will be in its best in Athens. Sigmatropic will perform at Kotzia Square, June 21, 9:30 pm. Free to the public.

Read Press Release and full program.

Sigmatropic perform in After Dark

Sigmatropic will be showcasing their new material together with older tunes in Athens' rock venue After Dark (Ippokratous & Didotou 31, . 2103606460).

Show starts 11:30.. Admission 7.

Sigmatropic performs at

m.a.d. festival

click here to see poster

M.A.D. festival is a meeting of dance groups, musical ensembles, and modern visual artists, for a ten days' festival (April 28 to May 7) at the Foundation of the Hellenic World Institution (IME) area, building #5. Sigmatropic will be showcasing their music on April 30, in front of a mixed public sharing the experience of various art forms coexisting in the same space.

Adult Theatre  +  Akis Boyatzis (Sigmatropic): Heroes  (a performance)

Akis Boyatzis (Sigmatropic) teams with Adult Theater in a Performance titled "Heroes". Soundscapes and musical actions along with  three solo performances by visual artist Christina Papageorgiou and playwright/director    Alexandra Papageorgiou on heroic standings in modern times.

Thu 2, Fri 3 and Sat 4 March, bARTessera, Stoa Praxitellous, Athens. Read Press Release (in Greek).

Sigmatropic interview on Yugoslav webzine plastelin.com  

Akis Boyatzis of Sigmatropic has been interviewed by Mileta Okiljević for the cultural webzine plastelin.com. Stories of the musical past and present, the alternative scene, the avant guarde, the sixteen haiku, the near future and many more. Read (in Serbian). 

SIGMATROPIC: new lineup

Sigmatropic (left to right: Yiannis Tryferoulis, Chris Krasidis, Anna Karakalou, Akis Boyatzis, Panos Skourtis). photo: Katerina Vlastari

Sigmatropic is now a five-membered outfit with the addition of US-born Anna Karakalou. She made her debut with the band at the club Underworld, on December 9.

SIGMATROPIC@Rockwave Festival

Sigmatropic delivered a live tour-de-force in Greece's Rockwave Festival (Sunday, June 26, doors opened at 15:30), opening for rock giants like Moby and Sonic Youth.

Sigmatropic headlining

Fri, June 10

 Summer in the City Festival

The biggest Festival of the Greek Rock Scene is here! Sigmatropic will be headlining Friday, June 10.

click here for full poster

Sigmatropic live shows for spring 2005

Sigmatropic will be appearing live:

Saturday, March 5, (opening act: Zathiro) at the House of Art

Saturday, April 16, (opening act: Zathiro) at Aeras Live Stage (Petroupoli)

2004: the year in reviews

It was a great year for Sigmatropic reviews in the media all over the world.

Read/download the pdf file



Aftermath of two great nights

Sigmatropic wish to thank all those who helped and witnessed their opening show for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Athens and Thessaloniki. The thousands of warm and enthusiastic Greek fans have shown a true way for the alternative music scene in this country.

SIGMATROPIC live at the Small Music Theatre, November 12


Sigmatropic will start the new concert season at the Small Music Theatre, Friday November 12. Along with the Sixteen Haiku, new material and some Carla Torgerson songs will be performed. Video projections by Yiannis Nikolaou.

SIGMATROPIC interviews in Australian media

The "Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories" cd seems to be making such an impression Down Under, that a number of Australian media (radio stations and printed media) feature interviews with Sigmatropic's Akis Boyatzis.

saint stranger:

Carla Torgerson's first solo album

Carla Torgerson Saint Stranger, new CD

The first Carla Torgerson solo album, titled Saint Stranger has been released from Glitterhouse. License for the Greek market to Hitch Hyke records. This album has been the fruit of collaboration between Carla Torgerson and Michael Willet with Akis Boyatzis and Sigmatropic.

Carla during the recording of "St. Stranger", in Athens 

New member for Sigmatropic

New Sigmatropic lineup - click for larger image

Theo Pistiolas, keyboard player since the earliest Sigmatropic days and dear friend of everybody in and around the band has to stay away from the upcoming scheduled performances of the band because of repositioning his job locus some 300 km west of Athens. kappa MYSTA (far right in photo) has been assigned as the new keyboard player in the live lineup.



Sigmatropic in a massive article on Pop Music and Poetry

A few weeks ago, a massive article on Pop Music & Poetry appeared all over the United States as a syndicated article. In this expose, poetry & literature's relationship with modern music is briefly outlined with a mention of the Sigmatropic album Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories. The links below are examples from the equivalent articles that appeared in the Florida & New Jersey Press. Click on either link for the article.


Floridian: Rock,pop and prose


Sigmatropic with

Carla Torgerson feature in the  European Day of Music

Sigmatropic with Carla Torgerson (The Walkabouts) appeared in the European Day of Music 2004  in Athens (Monday, June 21).


Carla Torgerson collaborates with Akis Boyatzis for her first solo album

Akis Boyatzis & Carla Torgerson. Photo: Michael B. Willet

Akis Boyatzis of Sigmatropic is in the studio with Carla Torgerson (singer of the Walkabouts) for her first solo album titled "St. Stranger". Musicians from Seattle and Athens will participate marking the first collaboration between the two cities in an album.



Sigmatropic with

Carla Torgerson live in Athens and Larissa

Akis Boyatzis & Carla Torgerson. Photo: Michael B. Willet

Sigmatropic, together with Carla Torgerson (The Walkabouts) appeared on the stages of B Live in Larissa, Friday, May 7 and of Mousiki Skini ston Aera in Petroupolis (western suburbs of Athens), Saturday, May 8. The songs from their latest CD "Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories" and material from Carla Torgerson's forthcoming CD titled "St. Stranger" were performed.


Could That Be The Voice?

a 12" vinyl Sigmatropic release by Tongue Master

  The new Sigmatropic 12" titled Could that be the Voice? has been released on 180 gsm vinyl in the UK by Tongue Master Records, with the following tracks:

Haiku One &Haiku Four -extended remix (MARK MULCAHY). Haiku10 (CARLA TORGERSON version), Haiku 15 (JAMES WILLIAM HINDLE),  and Haiku 11 (EDITH FROST).

 Click here for the official press release.




The Sixteen Haiku in the US

The 20th of January is marked as the first day of the release in the US of "Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories" by Thirsty Ear Records. Already airplay and the response by the music press has been very encouraging.



our best wishes for the year


The year 2003 has been the most productive for Sigmatropic. The latest CD "Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories" has been released in Greece, Europe, Oceania and North America. Concerts, collaborations, exposure to the International Press, record reviews greatly marked the musical year.

Our gratitude for all those who believed in our effort! Next year will bring even more activity.

 Spread the Sigmatropic word. Happy New Year!


live calendar


Sigmatropic + Pinkie Maclure /Lumen

Athens: Small Music Theatre, December 19 & 20

Patras: Droseriko, December 21 

Sigmatropic collaborated on stage with Scottish avant guarde singer Pinkie Maclure and Lumen for two concerts, on  Friday 19 and Saturday 20 December at Small Music Theatre, Athens and 21 December in the city of Patras ("Droseriko"). Water Warm, the track that Pinkie delivers in Sixteen Haiku And Other Stories, together with some more numbers were performed live. Lumen also played tracks from their latest CD This Day And Age. 


reviews & features

A feature article on Sigmatropic  appeared on the December issue of ICE Magazine, according to which the CD Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories "is far more interesting than the garden variety".



"Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories [] is nonetheless one of the most fascinating and lovely creations of the year" according to a recent article (November 19) in Rolling Stone signed by Andrew Dansby.


For Greek Press coverage please visit the Greek pages.

Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories International Project

(Hitch Hyke/Tongue Master Records)

Sigmatropic's new international project titled Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories is on its way to the shelves. Eighteen artists render their vocals to music based on the poetry of the great Nobel Laureate George Seferis. The CD is already released in Greece (September 22) by Hitch Hyke Records, in the UK (October13) by Tongue Master Records and Italy (same date) by White and Black. Out soon in Australia (Inertia Music), Spain (Discmedi), the US (January 2, Thirsty Ear) and Germany (distribution by Gargo Germany). Initial limited quantities will curry a special bonus disc.

 Later this year, it will be followed by a limited 12" EP/vinyl release titled "Could That Be The Voice?" by Tongue Master records with (unreleased) alternate Sigmatropic takes.



click here for the complete list of invited artists in the album  tracks.


 mp3 audio

Dark Outside

audio streams


Sixteen Haiku

audio streams

[sample audio clips]

streamed through

Sigmaphone Windows

(Flash Player required)




go to downloads/audio samples page


Download MP3 of haiku 5 (Greek version/video clip mix), plus five previously unreleased Sigmatropic mixes.




Watch here all Sigmatropic videos



Watch the video clip

for Ours At Least

See full credit sheet for this release



 Sigmatropic photos





The art of the sixteen haiku project: etching and sketches by Stefanos Rokos


Marion Cotillard triumphantly becomes Oscar winner for 2008

Nobody would possibly imagine that the pretty young girl in Luc Besson's (script writer) Taxi of 1998, would ever become the giant actress in one of cinema's best musical biographies ever. There might be angels in that city, after all.


David Byrne exposes in WIRED his understanding on how musicians could survive the industry crisis.

Discussions on the future of music industry are really hot these days. Almost everybody involved feels the need to say something about it or come up with scenarios about the day after, and how this may affect the existence of the people in big costumes and musicians (both emerging and mega stars!).

In the December 07 WIRED David Byrne considers the six basic contact options between musicians and the music industry  and points out the pros and cons in each case.

In another article (same WIRED issue) Byrne discusses with Radiohead's Thom Yorke about their idea to sell their new album exclusively through the internet.



The Nobel Peace Prizes 2007 aim at the Environment

We had been watching Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, when the same night it was announced that he and the IPCC received the Nobel Peace Prize! It was mostly a communicative move for the first, and more of essence for the second. Read the whole scientific report of the IPCC.



Let's all raise a glass to the "Boxer"!

It is not only that listening time favors the twelve tracks of The National's new album named "Boxer"; it is not only the shivers you are given when you listen and listen to the masterpiece opening track "Fake Empire"; it is not only the delicate orchestrations, the resonating grave voice, or the angry poetry hidden inside the lyrics. It is basically that after all, we have an album full of meaningful songs that has thankfully found its way to the bigger audience. Ladies and Gentlemen: let's all raise a glass to the "Boxer"! 



In Sigmatropic, not even in our worst nightmares did we consider how appropriate this title would be.

Recent reality in our country and many others (seen as a model of a world to come) welcomes darkness as an unavoidable strangling nightmare of everybody's daytime. 

blazing canopies: don't get fooled by the glow



Officially Recognized:

Global Warming is here!

It seems that even the most skeptical ones are finally convinced that we humans have and are still doing wrong to our planet. Issuing a report citing 90% certainty for human responsibility is but a meaningful technicality. The IPCC has finally come up with the 2007 final report, trying to convince governments and politicians that action is to be taken now. Artists around the world have and continue to take action towards the direction of putting the common sense in a different thought channel. That of acting and living in a planet-friendly manner even on a individual level.

Read the IPCC's full report. Also see these very informative videos by The New York Times about global change and the melting of Arctic ice sheet.



Arnold Layne - mania


Syd Barrett's masterpiece "Arnold Layne" has been the hot song of the last months. It is starring in the UK charts and in many other countries' top lists.
Pink Floyd's David Gilmour is helping a lot in this (with some contribution from David Bowie and Rick Wright), with his mini-web site hosting Arnold Layne covers by bands from all over the world. You may find little diamonds there.

Hitchhiker's Guide Marathon at KCRW

All you Douglas Adams fans can now stream the famous radio show based on the book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" from the web site of LA's KCRW radio station (aired January 1, 2003). [21/05/06]

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Code, at last!

It was basically expected! The Da Vinci Code was finally revealed in front the thirsty viewer's eyes in The Cannes Film Festival and it seems will directly pass to oblivion. A movie based on a mediocre book sometimes finds a free field for developing its own qualities. But it looks like this does not happen here. The New York Times critic did certainly not love the film (I very much enjoyed the book's description: Dan Brown's best-selling primer on how not to write an English sentence). Many rotten tomatoes in rotten tomatoes.com -you may vote yourselves, if you've seen it. [18/05/06]


I'm A Bird Now


Ten tracks, total time close to only 35 minutes, but definitely enough to give you the shivers. Anthony's voice carries the seed of Nina Simone and David Sylvian. He's a bird now.

The Kyoto Protocol is finally law-enforced

The world celebrates the law enforcement of the Kyoto Protocol for cutting Greenhouse Gases Emission. Not quite in this country though, as Greece (along with Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic) has not signed the carbon trade agreement of the EU yet. Extra pressure is now put on the US to sign the protocol.

The Album Leaf

/In a Safe Place:

San Diego-based James Laval co-signs this magnificent music project with members of Iceland's Sigur Ros. An truly engaging listening experience.

Devendra Banhart:

Rejoicing in the Hands

We missed his concert with Michael Gira in Athens (like many other much anticipated events because of a tight Sigmatropic schedule). In his latest CD "Rejoicing in the Hands" one can hear the freshness of Devendra's songwriting, the unique tremolo vocals, somewhat reminiscent of Marc Bolan's fabulous deliveries, and may finally realize that this guy can really stare at Cat Power directly in the eyes. [20/08/04]




Tongue Master Records, London, UK

Interview (14 August 2003) of Akis Boyatzis, nucleus of Sigmatropic in Tongue Master Records web site, just a few weeks before the release of Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories in Greece and the UK.

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